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SANPARKS – Dr Sam Ferriera, Markus Hofmeyer

markus_hofmeyer sam_ferreiraIn early 2011, Ajubatus entered into advanced discussions with SANParks in terms of key research that needed to be undertaken into wildlife situate within the iconic Kruger National Park. The net result is that the Ajubatus Foundation had a unique opportunity to “adopt” key research under controlled and well managed processes with total accountability on an ongoing basis. As a direct result of this, the largest study of Lion Demographics was begun as a formal Scientific Project in mid 2011.

Simon Gear – Professional Speaker and MC, Environmental scientist, Climatologist and runner

Simon-GearSimon is an environmental and science correspondent with Primedia Broadcasting (Talk Radio 702 and 567 Cape Talk) and the anchor presenter for 50|50 on SABC 2. Simon works as a professional speaker and MC, focusing on various environmental, sustainability and climate change related topics, and thoroughly enjoys bringing his passion for science and the environment to the fore at functions. He is an air quality and climate change specialist and has worked on a wide range of private and government projects. He is also a Rhino Action Group, Board member, responsible for financial management of RAGe (a LeadSA initiative)

Simon is an accomplished writer. His first book, ‘Going Green’ (Penguin), is a South African bestseller and contains simple environmental advice for day to day living. Filled with simple and easy-to implement tips and steps on how to decrease your carbon footprint and make the world a more sustainable place, ‘Going Green’ is the perfect beginner’s guide. In 2010, he received the Birdlife South Africa Owl Award for service to bird conservation as well as the SANEA Energy Journalist of the Year Award.

Dr. Michele Miller – Zoo/Wildlife veterinarian with a Masters’ and Ph.D. in Immunology

michelle_millerThe Ajubatus Foundation is partnering with long-term international researcher, Dr. Michele Miller. Dr. Miller is a zoo/wildlife veterinarian with a Masters’ and Ph.D. in Immunology and focuses her research on infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis. Her post-doctoral fellowship at the San Diego Zoo evaluated the immunogenetics of cheetahs and the relationship to disease susceptibility. She was instrumental in helping investigate and validate a field-friendly test for detection of tuberculosis infection in wildlife, which has been licensed for use in elephants in the U.S. She has mentored numerous students including Ph.D. candidates. Dr. Miller serves as a committee chair and scientific advisor to the U.S. Animal Health Association, which is responsible for establishing animal health priorities and legislation.

Dr. Miller has obtained grants to support her research in southern Africa including work on black rhinoceros in Namibia, tuberculosis in multiple wildlife species (including lions) in South Africa and Zimbabwe, and rhinoceros health and translocation issues. She has also been able to assist in training of staff within the Kruger National Park Veterinary Services Unit and acquire technology and equipment to advance veterinary capabilities. Most recently she was instrumental in opening the first certified “green” veterinary hospital at a U.S. zoo. Her efforts to promote understanding of health at the livestock-human-wildlife interface are the motivation for undertaking a Master’s in Public Health and developing partnerships with international groups.