The Smallest Contribution Can Make a World of Change

The Ajubatus Foundation

The Ajubatus Foundation is a multi-disciplinary organisation based at Stellenbosch University and in the heart of the Kruger National Park. Established in 2002, the Ajubatus Foundation epitomizes the freedom of spirit, grace and dynamism of conservation initiatives, and has grown into a highly influential initiative at the core of all its activities. We are committed to the furtherance of conservation, primarily in South Africa, but with far reaching beliefs that encircle the world. This is evident in our work with international students from USA, Europe and other countries, who take the conservation message back with them and in a way that hopefully creates ripples of influence around the world.

Mission & Vision

The Ajubatus Foundation strives to preserve and promote our rich wilderness heritage. We work closely with the Kruger National Park and Stellenbosch University in order to educate, conduct research, and inspire the next generation on the importance of conserving our Planet in terms of both the terrestrial and marine environments.


The success and future of conservation initiatives depends on the ability of organizations to build capacity through the development of human intellectual resources, facility improvement, and sustainable funding. The current infrastructure and staff capabilities within Major South African Wilderness Reserves provides the perfect platform for the development of partnerships with the Ajubatus Foundation, and to help recruit and expand this capacity for tomorrow’s conservation leaders in southern Africa.

Working with Communities

Our Wild4Kidz Programme is an environmental education programme with the aim to uplift the calibre of children leaving foundation phases for high school and high school graduates by investing in young minds. While we recognise that we cannot change the world in one day, we do inevitably influence lives daily, so we choose to make that influence a positive one.

Our Projects

The Ajubatus Foundation has worked on numerous projects in Terrestrial and Marine environments. Some of our highlights include specialist research on cheetah demographics, African Penguins, the impact of Bovine Tuberculosis on lion prides within the Kruger Park, and rhino anti-poaching programmes. We have also run our Wild4Kidz programme for a few years, including the establishment of rural community feeding schemes.