Help the Ajubuatus Foundation

The Ajubatus Foundation strives to make a difference in wildlife conservation and it can do this because of your Ajubatus merchandise purchases, donations and affiliated MySchool Cards!

How Can You Help?

You can help us fund our conservation projects by making a donation, either via the website by credit/debit card, or directly into our account by EFT. We welcome donations big and small. You can also assign us as your beneficiary when swiping your MySchool card.

Make a Donation

Choose a custom amount when you donate online, and your donation will be added to your cart along with any other products you may purchase.

Our Bank Details

Account Holder Name: The Ajubatus Foundation NPC
Bank: ABSA
Account Number: 4097509259 
Branch code: 334515
Payment Reference: Donation

How We Use Donations

We welcome all donations, both big and small, as every little bit helps to make a difference in saving and preserving our wilderness heritage. Your contributions are used to support our affiliated research projects, whose costs vary enormously and depend entirely on the nature of the work and whether this forms part of a postgraduate thesis (Msc/PhD). In general, medium-term research projects (approximately 3 years) often involve teams of Scientists, Veterinary and Wildlife Capture Personnel, and Academics from multiple universities globally. Such projects can collectively have budgets in excess of R33 million (i.e. $1.80 or 1.70 million)!

At the Ajubatus Foundation, our contributions to research projects and programmes span over many years. All received donations are allocated to the specific research project(s) for which they are intended and ensure that not only are we able to protect our wilderness areas, but that our management knowledge increases proportionately. For example, we have contributed towards the ‘Lion Project’ in Kruger National Park, which has awarded a minimum of 7 PhD studies over the years and has focused on studying the impacts of bovine tuberculosis on lion pride structures. Over six years, the Ajubatus Foundation donated approximately R3.9 million and assisted in providing research equipment, funds, and/or volunteers. In many respects, our contributions formed the tip of the iceberg and SANParks picked up the costs for the immobilization of Lion Prides and associated labour costs of Veterinary, Scientific and Wildlife Capture personnel. Similarly, a single elephant or rhino darting requires the use of helicopters in the capture process and the costs often run in excess of R30k ($2 000.00/ 1850.00) per exercise (i.e. single animal darting). This cost covers only the cost of flight and immobilizing components, and does not factor the labour and transport costs of teams involved in the process. 

As such, the contributions made by Ajubatus investors, volunteers and researchers are invaluable and necessary for the growth of wildlife research. As of 2023, the Ajubatus Foundation has three projects under review and the Donor investment will be in the region of R120k (approximately $8 000.00/ R600k per initiative per annum with a capital cost requirement for vehicles in the region of R1.35 million). As said by Nelson Mandela, “We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in our hands to make a difference”.

Any donation, however small, has an accumulative effect and allows us to meet the research targets we set for ourselves. We would truly appreciate your support and involvement in our research projects that can stretch into the future with your help. If you can assist us with any of the above, please contact You are also welcome to contact us if you would like to learn more about our funded research projects and volunteering programmes.

MySchool Cards

You can complete the MySchool form using the button below and get your free MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet Card. Simply sign up for a card and swipe it when shopping at recognised retail partners, such as Woolworths, Engen Quickshops, and Every time you swipe your card, a percentage of your spending will be donated to the beneficiary selected on your account (Search for ‘Ajubatus Foundation’). It’s that easy to make an impact when you shop!