Gone Fishing (Paperback)


An anthology of Southern African Fishing Tales and Adventures

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‘Gone Fishing’ is an anthology of Southern African Fishing Tales and Adventures. The desire to test ourselves against the elements is a true quirk of human nature – so what happens when convention is discarded and men test themselves against the elements? Gone Fishing encompasses adventure and a look into the life of the Big Game Fishermen, which is often terrifying and even quite hilarious.

The book comprises of two main parts based on the adventures and people met by our chairman, John Dyer, during his corporate excursions into the African bushveld. Firstly, it follows the life passion of one of South Africa’s greatest Big Game Fishermen and our beloved friend namely, Ted Horn, who embarks on a series of stories ranging from the early 1950s through to the current day. In the second part of the book, the most memorable tales of a Corporate Fishing Safari are uncovered. These adventures center around our chairman’s experience and his hosting of these safari trips (hence, his underlying passion to venture out into the wild and conserve wildlife). These adventures and inevitable pranks explode to life and as the Corporate CEO put it, “this has been the best laboratory imaginable; a place to observe and participate in the fascinating, often ridiculous and dangerous escapades of men at sea”.

Paperback Type: Soft Cover
Publication Year: 2009
Number of Chapters: 33 Chapters, with each chapter detailing an independent story, while following both the biographical and adventure theme covered in this book.
Number of Pages: 382 Pages

Preview Gone Fishing Chapter One