Handcrafted Snare Bracelet


These beautiful bracelets have been handcrafted from wire snares. Created proudly by the Ajubatus Foundation and Down2TheWire.

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Help stop the use of wire nooses (snares) in animal traps by wearing our jewellery. Snares are wire nooses used to capture wildlife, but often capture non-target species, and they cause serious and often fatal damage to the animal. We have crafted bracelets made from snares as a sign of hope and awareness to support anti-poaching. The bracelets are made of stainless steel and come in different sizes:
(1) X-Small (Small Women's Wrist with diameter of 15 cm);
(2) Small (Regular Women's Wrist with a diameter of 16 cm);
(3) Medium (Regular Men's Wrist with a diameter of 18 cm);
(4) Large (Large Men's Wrist with a diameter of 20 cm)

They also feature a cheetah pawprint engraving, which is representative of our Foundation. Once you have placed the bracelet onto your wrist, it can be adjusted to your comfortable fit by pinching the two sides together.