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The book Ingilube (little warthog) follows the exploits of a Young Zulu boy during the time of King Shaka.

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The book ‘Ingilube’ (meaning “little warthog”) covers the reign of Shaka – King of the Zulus in the year 1827. The book follows a young Zulu boy called, ‘Ingilube’ and the life of a traditional Zulu Village as he grows up into adulthood. Ingilube’s mother gave birth to him out of wedlock which, per tradition, meant the Young Ingilube would be mercilessly teased by the village and eventually cast out to live with the Witchdoctor “Magogo” in the high mountains of the Drakensberg. However, Ingilube soon learns the “tricks of the trade” in terms of playful witchcraft and returns to the village to seek revenge on his peers. Despite his previous intentions, Ingilube embarks on the adventure of a lifetime, and even meets the first white settlers during his passage of discovery. It provides a great perspective into what this experience would have been like and allows the reader to immerse themselves into that time.

Ingilube was written principally as a “teens read”, however has secured a loyal adult following and has proved a much-loved story to avid readers. The book also includes commissioned artwork illustrations to set the scene for this era.

Paperback type: Soft Cover
Publication Year: 2002
Number of Chapters: 24
Number of Pages: 247 Pages

Preview Ingilube Chapter One