Keyring: Tribal African Beads


A handmade keyring made from the African “love bean”. This keyring features a tribal African beadwork-inspired design.

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Along the Zululand coastline, a special plant species releases its seeds into water currents (such as the ocean) to facilitate dispersal. These seeds then arrive onto shore to germinate, where some are met by locals that collect them to give to loved ones as a sign of blessing. Hence, these seeds are called "love beans". As such, we handcrafted key rings using these large seeds to celebrate our diverse flora and to treasure this African blessing.

Please note that only one side is engraved with the Ajubatus Foundation. Variation may also occur between the seeds' shape and the hand-painted beads for the keyring (incl. orange and blue beads). Packing includes a card description of the story behind these precious seeds.