Current and Past Projects

The success and future of conservation initiatives depends on the ability of organizations to build capacity through the development of human intellectual resources, facility improvement, and sustainable funding. The current infrastructure and staff capabilities within Major South African Wilderness Reserves provides the perfect platform for the development partnerships with the Ajubatus Foundation, and to help recruit and expand this capacity to create tomorrow’s conservation leaders in southern Africa.

Our initiatives include:

  • Recruiting partners, who provide additional expertise in developing and implementing research programs, and training graduate and post-graduate students.
  • Developing strategic collaborations with local, regional, and international organizations to promote research and professional development goals.
  • Creating opportunities to involve local communities in conservation initiatives for educational and socioeconomic advancement.
  • Expanding facilities, such as laboratories and housing, to accommodate staff and students for training in the latest techniques of environmental analyses.

Current & Upcoming Projects

Student Kruger Adventure Trips (2017 – 2023)

Student Kruger Adventure Trips (2017 – 2023)

Since early 2017, the Ajubatus Foundation has coordinated many “Student Experiential” tours to the iconic Kruger National Park. Not only has each trip been customized to the group’s learning requirements and/or interests, but also each student has gotten to engage with wildlife and conservation research in a meaningful and personal way…

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Past Projects