The Team

Meet our team at the Ajubatus Foundation, and see how we work together to further conservation

Meet the Team

John Brooke Dyer


John Dyer is the founder and current patron of the Ajubatus Foundation, with a great understanding of our wildlife and the preservation of endangered species. As a businessman, philanthropist and avid conservationist, John is passionate about the African wilderness and the need to conserve this global heritage.

Sean Brooke Dyer

Director & General Manager

Sean joined the Ajubatus Foundation in 2003 as a student. His passion for wildlife is evident through his studies, seeing him complete a BSc Botany & Zoology degree through UNISA and various courses/programmes in the handling and treatment of Marine Wild Birds.

Dylan Brooke Dyer


Dylan joined the Ajubatus Foundation in early 2013, focusing primarily on wildlife health and care, as well as being the liaison for the International Student Programme. His work has aided in the completion of various projects ranging from the Lion Demographic Study to Specimen Collection Research for Stellenbosch University.

Kayla Liebenberg

Marketing & Brand Manager

Kayla began her journey with the Ajubatus Foundation in 2017 when she embarked on one of their educational trips to Kruger National Park. During that time, she was in her second final year of BCom Marketing Management and was deciding to enroll in BSc Biodiversity & Ecology to follow her passion for wildlife.

Claire Bransgrove

Social Media Manager & Content Creator

Claire joined the Ajubatus Team in 2022 as the Social Media Manager & Content Creator. She has the ability to capture the precious moments of our Kruger trips, while highlighting the beauty of the African bushveld and the uniqueness of our research activities.